We now have a defibrillator on the wall by the entrance to the Ferry Inn.

Stokesby with Herringby

                                a little piece of heaven on the broads

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Local News


Stokesby Bottle Bank

Although we can now recycle glass in our green bins, we still have our own bottle bank situated beside the sand store on the public staithe       near to the children’s play area

We now have to contact the contractor who empties the bottle bank.

Please ring 01842 820804 if you notice that the bottle bank is near to being full.

Please use the bottle bank carefully.


We have been advised by the contractor who empties the Bottle Bank that as from now we will need to contact them when the bank is full.

If when you use the bottle bank it is nearing full please contact Idigo 01842 820804 who will then arrange for it to be emptied

Produce & Craft Show

Change of recipe

The  recipe for the Carrot cake shown on the schedule has been removed due to inaccurate quantities being shown.

A new recipe has been added see

Produce Show link

Please use this if you are entering this category   

Dog Fouling

At the last meeting of the Parish Council the ongoing problem of

dog fouling was again raised.

As a result the Environmental Ranger is being asked to patrol Stokesby.

If you are a dog walker please ensure that any deposits

large or small are bagged and disposed of carefully, not thrown

into the bushes or onto the grass verge.

Hundreds of people visit our area and these unsightly

deposits ruin our beautiful village’s appearance.  

Dog Fouling is an offence

You can be given an on-the-spot fine if you don’t clean up after

your dog. The amount varies from council to council.

It’s often £60 and can be as much as £80.

If you refuse to pay the fine, you can be taken to court and fined up to £1,000.

Anyone who witnesses an environmental crime in the borough or has

information that may help to identify an offender should contact the

 Environmental Rangers on 01493 846478.