We now have a defibrillator on the wall by the entrance to the Ferry Inn.

Stokesby with Herringby

                    a little piece of heaven on the broads

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Stuart Ward, Wesleyan House, The Street, Stokesby. Tel: 750013


Sarah Welsh, 52 Common Rd, Hemsby, Gt.Yarmouth. NR29 4NA

                          email: [email protected] Tel: 730594


Richard Youngs,  Mill House, Mill Road, Stokesby.  Tel: 07930428078


Philip Crane, Manor Farm, Mill Road, Stokesby.  Tel: 75128

Rob Lloyd, The School House, Runham Rd, Stokesby. Tel: 741008

David Murison, 10 Croft Hill, Stokesby.   Tel: 750253

Edward Wharton, Winsford Hall, Stokesby.  Tel: 369343

Vivienne Fabb, Woodlands Farm, Private Road, Stokesby. Tel: 369347

Stokesby Parish Council

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Stokesby with Herringby Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) Job description

The RFO will be responsible for all the financial records of the Council and the careful administration of its finances. The RFO will be expected to;

Keep a record of the council’s payments and income.

Reconcile and balance the Council's accounts regularly.      

Ensure bank accounts are reconciled with the council’s accounts on a regular basis.

Receive and report on invoices for goods and services to be paid for by the Council and to ensure such accounts are authorised correctly.  

To issue invoices on behalf of the Council for goods and services and to ensure payment is received.

Monitor and report income and expenditure against budget.

Manage the council’s payroll, including making payments to HMRC for PAYE and National Insurance; manage the Pension Scheme membership and contributions if available and ensure compliance with the Government's Auto-enrolment regulations and procedures.          

Prepare VAT returns.


Prepare, in conjunction with councillors, the annual budget and precept request.             

Produce year-end accounts to be presented to the council.     

Prepare the Annual Governance and Accountability Return, and present to council.

Prepare all necessary accounts and documents to be sent to the internal auditors.

Ensure statutory notices relating to the accounts and audit are prepared and made public as required.          

Ensure the council reviews the effectiveness of internal audit and internal controls  annually.

Ensure that the council’s risk management is sound.   


Maintain the council’s register of assets.

Maintain a record of Earmarked Funds

Report to council, as required, on the financial position of the council

Keep up to date with legal and other requirements for sound local council financial management  


Attend training courses on the work and role of the RFO as required by the Council.

To complete other tasks as required by the council .




The Stokesby Parish Clerk Sara Welsh is retiring and the position of Parish Clerk will be available. Below are details of the Job description, responsibilities and pay.

Closing date for applications 20th April 2018

Draft Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting

27th February 2018