We now have a defibrillator on the wall by the entrance to the Ferry Inn.

Stokesby with Herringby

                    a little piece of heaven on the broads

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January 2012


CHAIRMAN                                              CLERK

Mrs V Fabb                                              Mrs S A Weymouth

Woodland Farm                                        3 Pedlars Croft

Private Road                                            Hemsby

Stokesby                                                 Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth                                        NR29 4JX

NR29 3DX                                                Email                                                                      [email protected]

Tel:01493 369347 Fax 01493 369114           Tel/Fax 01493 731625

At the  Parish meeting held on the 11 January 2012:


PC Cook reported since the last Parish Council meeting there have been 3 calls into Wyndham, 1 crime anti social behaviour around the bus shelter and BT kiosk.  

Damage to flood wall

The wall has not been repaired, a chasing email was sent to BESL  last week.  

Footpath maintenance/grasscutting

It was reported a Parish Councillor had cut a footpath, Parish Councillors thanked him for carrying out this work.

Footpath opposite the Church to the riverbank part is on a slope so it is making it very difficult to walk – it needs building up – Norfolk County Council made aware.

Riverbank from Stokesby to Yarmouth – it is very narrow where the trees are and it is very slippery (just mud) – a parishioner fell. BESL had been advised of the problems by email but there has been no reply, a chasing email is to be sent.

BT telephone kiosk

The kiosk has been damaged again and the equipment has been broken and there has been an attempt to light a fire adjacent to the bus shelter. The Police have made several visits to the Bus Shelter & BT Kiosk and have not seen anyone in that area.

It was agreed Great Yarmouth Borough Council should be requested to write to BT requesting the kiosk be removed due to it being repeatedly vandalised.

Footpath diversion

Norfolk County Council has sent notices and plans showing the footpath diversion – the closure is until 1 July 2013  - copies in the Parish Council Notice Board and on Parish Council website. It was agreed to send an email to BESL suggesting the length of closure is excessive as it has already been closed for over 1 year.

Speeding traffic through the village.

Norfolk County Council has agreed to paint a broken white line on the highway from Manor Farm bend to the Old Reading Room - the work has been programmed for the spring.

Planning decision made by the Broads Authority

BA/2011/0336/FUL proposed garage/workshop/store at Riverside Tea Room & Stores – for Mr & Mrs B Reynolds –  granted with conditions Parish Councillors have been emailed a copy of the conditions prior to the meeting.

BA/2011/0304/LBC insertion of 4 roof lights into rear roof slope of garage wing to allow for accommodation above – Braid Barn, Hall Farm for Mr P Desborough – granted.  

Planning Appeal

BA/2011/0091/COND Reading Room to use as a sperate holiday unit. The Parish Council has sent the following email to the Inspector:

When the Parish Council considered Planning Application BA/2011/0091/COND proposed removal. variation of condition No 6 to allow use of The Old reading Room as a separate holiday unit –  they objected on the grounds over access to the site for 2 properties and there was not adequate parking 2 independent properties.

To elaborate further from the site plan you will see that the site is exceedingly small to cater for two independent properties.

If Planning Permission is granted this would result in intensified use of the vehicle access onto a very narrow highway being the C447 being the main road through the village on a bend so there is no visibility to the left.

Access into and out of the site is very restricted due to the boundary walls and the side wall of the Reading Room and in the Parish Councils view there is not an adequate area for vehicles to manoeuvre and this could lead to vehicles reversing onto the narrow road.

If this was a new build then permission would not be granted, vehicles need to have a drive that they can reverse within the boundary of the property.

Village planters/trees on the Village Green

1.The planters to be removed, replaced by shrubs and a crab apple tree.

2. Village Green – plant a chestnut tree close to where one is dying and another tree planted adjacent to sand bank. Quotations are to be obtained from a couple of companies and the cheapest quotation be accepted and planting will take place prior to March 2012.

Village nameplate at each boundary of the village.

Norfolk County Council could supply & site FOC the three signs. ‘Gateway’ into the village Norfolk County Council  is looking to see if there is any funding available to provide these as it is classed a form of traffic calming. Norfolk County Council is to be approached to see if it is possible for the signs to read ‘Welcome to Stokesby with Herringby Please drive slowly.’

Date for the next meeting will be held on the 14 March 2012 commencing at 7 30pm in Community Centre at Stokesby

Yours sincerely

Shirley Weymouth Parish Clerk


March  2012

At the  Parish meeting held on the 6 March 2012:


PC Cook reported there hasn’t been any crimes in the parish over the last two months – there have been 8 telephone calls into Wymondham for guidance.

Footpath closure from village to Commissions Mill

This footpath has been re-opened.

Queens Jubilee

Great Yarmouth Borough Council has a Grant to go towards a street party/fete, this has been applied for it would go towards around 20 commerate china mugs and a BBQ on the VGreen.

BT Kiosk adjacent to bus shelter

Great Yarmouth Borough Council has asked BT to remove the kiosk, this work may take some time to be acted on.

Planning applications considered:

BA/2012/0045/FUL wooden bollards adjacent to the floodwall on the river roadway

The Parish Council discussed the revised planning application for three wooden bollards and they are of the same opinion – they strongly object to any posts, they would be totally out of keeping with the area. The wall has been there a number of years with no damage having been caused and the Parish Council is still of the same opinion the wall was not damaged by a vehicle, the damage occurred due to the wall being raised during very cold weather.

Planning decision made by the Broads Authority

BA/2012/0010/FUL dem of existing garage and erection of linked double garage with office, staircase to roof space with roof lights and new door to be added to main dwelling – Farm house, Dove House Farm, Runham Road, Stokesby for Mr R Waters – granted

Parish Development Framework

This is a document that needs to be produced by the Parish Council in consultation with parishioners.

Ferry Court

Residents had contacted the Parish Council during the bad weather as Great Yarmouth Borough Council had not supplied any salt the Parish Council bought four bags of salt costing £24.00p.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council has advised it is not their policy to supply or lay salt only in the service areas where it has been identified there is the greatest risks ie external stair wells, entrances to community rooms and high level sheltered housing developments and they will not pay the bill.

Trees and shrubs

Burghwood landscapes are to carry out the supply and planting in on the Common Land.

Sewerage scheme for the parish

There has been a meeting with AW representatives to view areas around the centre of the village where a treatment plant could be sited. It was agreed no further action until the PC is contacted.

Compulsory Purchase Order for the Common Land

The Secretary of State will shortly give a Certificate to proceed with the order.

Two Agreements were considered for the Parish Council to transfer the 24 hour moorings to the Broads Authority and if for any reason the Broads Authority no longer wishes to be responsible for them the 24 moorings be transferred back to the Parish Council, both at no cost to the Parish Council.

Play equipment and play area

Nothing reported on this matter.

Old Bowling Green

A group has shown an interest in using the land to play croquet.

Norfolk County Council highways dept is to be requested to supply and site three signs close to the parish boundaries stating ‘Welcome to STOKESBY’

Broads Authority are to site ‘Stokesby’ signs to the speeding signs on the river bank at both entrances into the village.

Parish Councillors details

These will be dispalyed in the Parish Council Notice Board and website.

Norfolk County Council rights of way

With the ‘Big Conversation’ difficult decisions have had to be made over spending priorities. County Councillors have now agreed how the public rights of way service will focus on statutory duties to maintain paths and prioritise the network of Norfolk Trails which have the greatest potential to support Norfolk’s tourism economy. There is an opportunity for PCs and voluntary groups to take on a greater role in both monitoring and maintaining footpaths and if the PC would like to be more involved let them know. There are pilot schemes being set up in the spring.

After discussions it was agreed no action is to be taken.

Date for the next meeting which will be the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Parish Council meeting will be held on the 16 May 2012 commencing at 7 30pm Community Centre at Stokesby

Yours sincerely

Shirley Weymouth  Parish Clerk


July 2012

At the  Parish meeting held on the 11 July 2012:


PC Cook reported no crimes over the last two months.

New Parish Council Code of Conduct:

This has been adopted by the Parish Council

Riverbank footpath is in need of a cut

BESL has advised they will be cutting the footpath again within the next couple of weeks (only doing two cuts a year). The Parish Council is aware of budget cuts with Norfolk County Council & the Broads Authority so it is very unlikely that additional cuts will be carried out.

Speed traffic

Correspondence has been received from two parishioners expressing grave concern at the speed of traffic going through the parish. PC Cook has visited the parishioner to discuss all the issues with him.  The parish could set up its own Community Speed Watch which parishioners manage and run. Police to carry out further speed checks.

Reducing speed limit to 20mph through built up area of the parish – Norfolk County Council to be contacted.

Illuminated speed sign – Norfolk County Council to be contacted

Planning application

BA/2012/0208/FUL retention of fertilizer & water tank – Hall Farm for Mr J Gill – parishioners have contacted Parish Councillors expressing their concerns at the location of the equipment, it can be seen for miles around, even from the Acle straight. The PC object to the location of the equipment due to the visual impact to the whole area.

Planning decisions

Concrete bollards adjacent to floodwall – permission given to site wooden bollards.

Planning appeal

Anchor Cottage – refusal to use the Reading Room as a separate unit to the house.

Jubilee Grant and event


The Village Hall was full of parishioners and a good time was had by everyone.

Expenditure on the Event:

Mugs                         £ 81.25

Refreshments             £167.80

Total                         £249.05

Mrs Fabb kindly donated £49.05p being the overspend on the Grant of £200. PCllrs thanked her for her hardwork in providing refreshments and for her donation.

Croquet lawn

An email has been received from a Croquet Group who would be interested in using the old Bowling Green, they have summarised the costs which are as follows:

To carry out the maintenance works for the lawn, not include mowing and watering                                      £1305.00

(Copy of quote on file)

Hose and sprinkler system             £ 500.00

Suitable lawnmower (£3000 secondhand £1000)         £1000.00

Croquet equipment                       £1000.00

Total                                          £4805.00

+ cost of reconnecting the water and labour to mow the lawn and clear the area

+ shed and bowls equipment

Annual running costs similar to contractors, other costs such as servicing a mower, admin costs for running a club, etc – suggested figure £2000 per Annum excluding labour for mowing, watering and the cost of the water.

The Group suggested a Village Committee to run with it, the Group are willing to put up a substantial part of the initial cost and a good contribution to the running costs in exchange for some exclusive use for 3 part days and a position on the Committee.

The £500 GYBC Grant and the funds when the Youth Club closed of £773, to be put towards the costs to set up a Croquet Lawn in place of the old Bowling Green. The Village Hall Committee Chairman is to be advised.

Common Land Compulsory Purchase Order

Parish Councillors agreed to the :

1.Pre-emption Agreement – moorings and land between BA & PC

2.Transfer of part of the registered title – moorings and land

Plan showing the 24 free moorings area is correct and it does not include the reed bed.

Questionnaire on parish planning

Draft questionnaire is to be emailed to all Parish Councillors for their views prior to the next meeting.

Date of the next meeting

12 September 2012 commencing at 7 30pm in the Community Centre.

Yours sincerely

Shirley Weymouth  Parish Clerk


September 2012

At the  Parish meeting held on the 12 September 2012:


PC Cook reported there have been 8 calls to the Police since the last meeting.

The SNAP meeting has speeding traffic in Stokesby has a priority for three months and these are the crime figures since the last meeting:

‘During the most recent speed checks on Mill Road between 07/09/12 and 10/09/12 a total of 72 vehicle movements were checked.  These showed that 66 were within the speed limit.  Of the other 6 the fastest recorded speed was 36mph.  Checks will continue in this area for the foreseeable future to act as a deterrent and reinforce the message of the dangers of speeding within the village.’

Speeding traffic through village

Norfolk County Council understands the Parish Councils concerns about speeding vehicles, and the worry this might cause.  However, a reduction in the existing 30 mph limits would only be worthwhile if vehicles were to comply.

Norfolk County Council currently receive many more requests for speed limit alterations than there are resources to provide them. You can appreciate the difficult task of establishing priorities under these circumstances. To this end an assessment system is used, from an initial site visit, to try to assess the benefits that would be accrued. Among the criteria considered are the accident history and the level of activity, particularly with regard to vulnerable groups, such as children and pedestrians, where they occur in large numbers.

As you may be aware, the County Council monitors accident figures provided by Norfolk Police in order to identify sites where accidents are regularly occurring and funding should be targeted.  As the roads in question fortunately have low PIA (Personal Injury Accident) records recorded within the last three years. Given the surrounding environment, the existing 30mph limits are, therefore, considered to be appropriate and in line with the County Council Speed Management Policy

If vehicles are exceeding the existing speed limits or being driven inappropriately then this is a matter for the Police to enforce locally.

Norfolk Counyty Council Illuminated speed sign  

The speed activated signs 'SAM 2' will be available in the near future and can stay on location for a 2 week period. The locations for the signs to be sited are:

Coming from Acle - at the entrance to Mr Cranes barn.

Coming from Runham – just prior to Ferry Court.

Norfolk County Council are to be advised of these locations.

Community speed group

It was agreed to obtain information from Acle Parish Council since they have set a Group a up and report back to the next PC meeting.

Specification for Parish Council assets

Specification 2013/2014


15/17 cuts of grass - adjusting according to the weather Village Green/river roadway/ Fabb Green and the grassed area around the bus shelter and the Village Sign

Prune the shrubs spring & summer  

Weed around the Village sign twice a year

Bowling Green as Village Green also side of bowling green high cut ever other cut.

Area in front of boat shed cut 3 times a year.


Lime trees on the Village Green remove the shoots at the base of the trunk – twice a year

Mole treatment

To the Village Green price for season and per treatment twice a year

Other works

Posts & chains - when necessary replace a post

Concrete post (not including the chain) price per one

Oak 4" x 4" x 5ft oak post replace (not concreted in the ground)  

Re-attach to the chain - price per one  


5 seats - carry out any repairs, rub down & treat (inc GYBC seat) This year Mr Etheridge has given the seats two coats of sandolin because he felt they needed an additional coat, but he has not charged for the additional labour and materials.

Village Sign

Clean the stonework/brick on the plinth. Rub down & re-paint post.

2 No Flower tubs

To plant up with Autumn/Winter plants and replant for the summer

The existing contractors are to be contacted to see if they would be happy to extend their contract for a further year with an inflationary increase.

Tendering 2014/2015

The specification will remain the same has 2013/2014 any contractor who wishes to submit quotations for that year please email to [email protected]

Broads Authority planning decision

BA/2012/0208/FUL retention of fertilizer & water tank – Hall Farm for Mr J Gill –  this planning application has been withdrawn.

Parish Planning review

A meeting is to be arranged for Parish Councillors to meet a BA Planning Officer either at Dragonfly House or at the Community Centre.

Broads Authority

Anchor Cottage – a letter from the BA sets out the process the Reading Room planning has followed and they will be monitoring the site to ensure the use complies with the conditions imposed that the dwelling would not be used has a separate unit.

Vandalism in the parish

3 posts down on Village Green – a vehicle has driven into one   

Low branches on a tree adjacent to the Village Green   

Broken branch at Furze Hill  

Damage to Village Hall and Church Notice Board – youngsters are causing concerns in the parish

PC Cook to be advised of the problems.

Internal Audit of Parish Council accounts year ending 31 March 2013

The Accounts were given to Parish Councillor Wharton to carry out the internal audit up to July 2012.

External Audit of Parish Council accounts year ending 31 March 2012

This has been completed by Mazars without any comments and Notices are up advising parishioners they can look or apply for a copy of the Parish Council accounts for year ending 31 March 2012.

Croquet on the old Bowling Green

A meeting that is being held with the Village Hall Committee and the Croquet Group. Details and information from that meeting will be presented at the next PC meeting.

Notice board on the side of the bus shelter

It was agreed rather than replacing like with like works will be carried out to strength the door.

Date of the next meeting

14 November 2012 commencing at 7 30pm in the Community Centre.

Yours sincerely

Shirley Weymouth Parish Clerk


November 2012

At the  Parish meeting held on the 14 November 2012:

‘Slow down in our village – Norfolk County Council stickers’

They are available from the Village Hall and the Ferry Inn for those people who would like one. They can only be stuck on privately owned property, not the bus shelter, telephone kiosk, lamp posts, telegraph posts, etc.  


PC Cook reported there have been 5 calls since the last Parish Council meeting.There have been a further 7 speed checks carried out. 121 vehicles speed checked out of those 10 vehicles were being driven over the speed limit. SAM flashing signs will be removed around the 19 November 2012 – it was reported they have been very successful and it is a shame they could not remain longer. PC Cook stated after a time drivers get used to them, but they can come back at a later date.

Youngster in the bus shelter – about 8 youngsters parents have been visited – it is all quiet at the moment.

BT telephone kiosk removal

BT are having delays with the electricity supply being disconnected

Footpath along river bank

Maple Landscaping  will carry out a cut FOCon the riverbank in August 2013.

bESL/Nuttall have emailed stating:

The final section of bank works between Acle Bridge and Bridge Farm has been fenced and seeded and the ground is bare so it will not be possible to open this section until spring 2013. The path between Stokesby and Muckfleet pump is open (as it has been since the spring) and the section upstream of the pump is accessible but with the closure still in place on the final length up to Acle Bridge. It is possible for people to walk beyond the pump from Stokesby but they would have to retrace their steps.

SAM flashing speed signs

Norfolk County Council sited them on Monday 5 November 2012 and they will be removed around 19 November 2012 as reported under Police they have proved to be very successful, it was agreed to obtain a figure to have two sited permanently in the village.

Community speedwatch

The paperwork has been forwarded to the parish Home Watch Co-ordinator, to look into setting up a scheme in Stokesby.

Planning applications considered

06/12/0632/F removal of condition 2 of PP 06/03/0937/F to allow application to let garden cottage to others than occupiers of Stokesby House or their dependants – Stokesby House for Mrs Minett – no objections.

Planning application decisions made by the Broads Auhtority

BA/2012/0278/FUL(PCllr Crane declared a pecuniary interest and left the hall) Erection of roadside boundary wall – Farmhouse Manor Farm, Mill Road for Mr Crane – refused – Highways refused on the grounds of the visibility splay, if the Broads Authority had ignored their concerns and a accident occurred they would be liable. Parish Councillors were dismayed that Norfolk County Council Highways should have made such a comment, the existing fencing is set back 1 metre from the property boundary and the replacement wall would have been in the same location.

BA/2012/0280/LBC (PCllr Crane declared a pecuniary interest and left the Hall) erection of roadside boundary wall – Farmhouse Manor Farm, Mill Road for Mr Crane - withdrawn

Parish Planning review

This item is being dealt with by Parish Councillor Youngs.

Anglian Water proposed sewerage scheme

Parish Councillor Fabb & Parish Councillor Crane declared a pecuniary interest as their land has been looked at by Anglian Water.

An email has been received from the Project Engineer working on this scheme it is progressing well. The engineering solution has now been accepted as a vacuum collection network rather then a traditional gravity collection network. In short a vacuum collection system works differently to a gravity sewer network because instead of allowing atmospheric pressure to drive the sewage towards a pumping station to pump away there will be a vacuum station that has a vessel inside with pumps attached that creates negative pressure inside the sewers to suck the sewage into the vessel. The advantages of using this technique in Stokesby is that the sewers do not have to be dug so deep in the roads meaning in theory they can be constructed faster, there is less infiltration from ground water and similarly only one station is required in the village. A meeting is to be arranged with Parish Councillors and they will report back to the Parish Council.

Parking on Common Land

NPLaw are to be asked for guidance.

Highways – Runham Road - adjacent to Bure Reach

There is a problem with a piped drain, it gets blocked with the mud coming off a field – Norfolk County Council has jetted the system through, however it needs to be put on a maintenance programme, instead of being dealt with in an emergency.


Parish Council Minutes 2012