We now have a defibrillator on the wall by the entrance to the Ferry Inn.

Stokesby with Herringby

                    a little piece of heaven on the broads

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January 2013

At the  Parish meeting held on the  9 January 2013:


PC Cook reported since the 14 November 2012 Parish Council meeting  there had been 6 calls to the Police and no crimes reported. 4 No speed checks have been carried, 51 vehicle movements, none exceeding 40 mph.

BT telephone kiosk removal

Awaiting electricity company to dis-connect the supply.

Mud and flooding on the Runham Road  

Norfolk County Council has agreed to install a silt trap on the north side of the highway and to try to minimize the amount of water on the carriageway and reduce silt build up in the system, but this is dependant on the outfall ditch working to its full capacity.

There is a backlog on their drainage works due to high water tables, this work should be carried out next month. If the ditch is cleared and the pipe is not obstructed then the problem will be greatly reduced.

It was reported the ditch is very overgrown Norfolk County Council will be contacted.

A parishioner will check the slit trap and if it needs attention he will advise the PClerk.

Planning application considered

06/12/0681/M agricultural determination - refurbishment of cart shed for storage - Cart Shed Whitegates, Private Road for Mrs Fabb – no objections

Planning review for the parish

Parish Councillor Youngs has obtained maps showing the planning  parish boundaries, but he thought it would be prudent to wait until the route for the sewerage scheme has been agreed.

Anglian Water proposed Sewerage Scheme

Parish Councillors are meeting with Anglian Water Engineers at the end of January 2013 to discuss their proposals.  

Croquet Group using the Old Bowling Green

An update on the current position will be discussed at the March 2013 meeting.

Compulsory Purchase Order

Notices were sited on all the parcels of Common Land by Parish Councillor Ward in November 2012 and the Order will not be confirmed until March 2013 at the earliest.

SAM traffic flashing signs

Norfolk County Council  has emailed with the estimated costs to supply and site one sign:

Lamp column type (small)  £3000

Stand alone - £6 to £10,000 - depending on power connection costs.

Stand alone, solar/wind power is £10,000

It was agreed no further action but to ask the Police to site their SAM in the village next time it is available

Community Speed Watch – the parish Home Watch Co-ordinator is to be contacted to see if she has made any progress on a scheme for the parish.

 Date for the next Parish Council meeting Wednesday 13 March 2013 at the Community Centre commencing at 7 30pm.

Yours sincerely

Shirley Weymouth Parish Clerk


March 2013

At the  Parish meeting held on the  13 March 2013:


PC Cook reported:

12 calls for advice and assistance since the January 2013 PC meeting.

1 crime reported - damage at the Church.

Speed checks have been carried out - 69 vehicle movements with 6 exceeding the speed limit not in excess of 5 mph.  

BT telephone kiosk

Still awaiting electricity company to dis-connect the supply.

Runham Road – flooding and mud on the highway

Norfolk County Council has put the area in a maintenance programme, however due to the snow & ice the maintenance team have been working elsewhere.

Overgrown hedge to the Muckfleet

Norfolk County Council is now carrying out an investigation into the reasons why they pollard the willows and leave the hedge uncut.

SAM sign

None available at the moment

Anglian Water scheme

Parish Councillors Fabb,  Crane and Wharton met with the Anglian Water Officers in January 2013.

Parish Councillor Crane reported Anglian Water will be holding a public meeting to explain the process and costings to parishioners. Mill Road will be closed for some time whilst the system is being installed.


Pot hole in Mill Road adjacent to what was known as the Candlemakers – Norfolk County Council to be advised.

Planning issues

Planning review for the parish – it was agreed no action until the route has been agreed for the sewerage scheme.

Broads Authority strategy – Parish Councillor Youngs reported there are a number of items in the document, but there is no mention of funding for the schemes. There is nothing that will affect Stokesby.

River roadway

The Parish Council has accepted a quotation from May Gurney to patch out the Riverside Car Park area.

Due to 48hrs of heavy rain the river roadway was flooded and possibly a French drain should be installed connected to the gully.  A letter is to be sent to BESL asking for permission to carry out this work

Blocked gulley in The Green down by the shop and Ferry Inn – Norfolk County Council has agreed to flush out both gullies.

Croquet Group using the Old Bowling Green

The meeting was advised the Croquet Group will not be using the Old Bowling Green.

Common Land CPO

NPLaw has emailed concerning Forge Cottage, the Chairman agreed a reply could be sent stating they have vehicular and pedestrian rights over part of the Common Land.

The CPO will not be finalised until April 2013.

Candlemaker fencing off and gating the Common Land behind them

A letter is to be sent to the property owners advising them that there are common rights across that land and the gates should be removed .

Community resilience plan

It was agreed there will be an plan that will be used in a parish emergency.  

Great Yarmouth Borough Councillors Grant of £500

A dontation of £466.62 to the Stokesby Village Hall Committee to go towards either the sewerage connection or repairs to the fabric of the building and repairs to the Parish Council Notice Board £33.38.

Flower tubs (2No)

Parish Councillor Wharton has offered to maintain and plant them.

Date for the next Parish Council meeting Wednesday 13 March 2013 at the Community Centre commencing at 7 30pm.

Yours sincerely

Shirley Weymouth Parish Clerk


May 2013

At the  Parish meeting held on the 13 May 2011:

It was agreed the paperwork received from NPLaw is correct and they will be instructed to proceed with the CPO of the Common Land.

GYBC Planning Decision:

06/11/0219/F retrospective change of use of agricultural land to be included in residential cartilage. Erection of timber log cabin and open sided summer house – Whitegates Farm, Private Road for Mr C Jelfs - granted

Broads Authority Planning Decision.

Anchor Cottage/The Old Reading Room – refused

A Sub Committee has been formed to look into various Grants available for play equipment and they will report back to the next Parish Council meeting.

Village Sign – a parishioner has offered to re-paint the sign their quotation will be discussed at the next PC meeting.

6No Planters (locations 1 outside PCllr Cranes property, 1 river bank, 2 adjacent to VHall, 1 opp old Bungalow Stores & 1 by bus shelter – the Parish Council is to make a decision on them at the next PC meeting.

Norfolk County Council footpath closure order

Letter received from NCC footpath closure order FP18 Fleggburgh to FP7 Stokesby from 9 July 2011 for a maximum period of 6 months.

It was reported BESL are making good progress on the section of bank between Stokesby and Commission Mill. It is expected that, subject to the weather remaining settled, the earthworks will be completed in the next fortnight and we can start to topsoil and seed. The length of bank behind the residential properties will be opened as soon as possible so that the owners can gain access to their moorings over the summer. The remainder of the bank upstream to Commission Mill (and beyond) will remain closed and fenced off for the rest of the summer whilst we monitor vegetation establishment. In the meantime people can use the temporary diversion route that links in with the circular walk up the Muckfleet and of course there is also the option to use the footpath downstream of the pub for those that want a riverside walk.

PCllrs expressed concern at the length of time the footpath will be remain closed when the preparation works had been carried out earlier in the year.

BESL are to be advised the brick floodwall damage was due to the work being carried out during the bad weather and the frost caused the damage.

The owners of a couple of overgrown hedges in the village are to be written to requesting they cut them back.

GYB Services to be requested to sweep the highway at the junction of Filby Road/Runham Road.

Dogs fouling along the footpath – the BA are to be approached to see if the PC can place ‘dog fouling’ signs on their notice board.  

Broads Authority to be requested to cut of the footpath to the east of the ‘Ferry Inn’  

The Chairman reported Brandon had sent her a letter requesting a meeting with PCllrs to discuss the localism bill and the implications for Parish Councils – the suggested day is14 September 2011  

GYBC is setting up an inaugural meeting of the Northern Parishes Area Committee Parish Councilliors will be attending that meeting.

The area around the bus shelter is very overgrown – this is one of the areas that the grasscutting contractor should be cutting, however there is an issue of vehicles parking there which makes it nearly impossible to carry out the works.

Next Parish Council meeting will be held on the 14 September 2011 at 7 30pm in the Community Centre, at Stokesby

Yours sincerely

Shirley Weymouth  Parish Clerk


September 2013



PC Cook reported since the last PC meeting there have been 2 crimes, diesel stolen from a farm vehicle and vandalism to the Church. When forensics checked the Church premises for finger prints there was only one that could be used and that person is not on the Police register.

The Chairman reported there was an incident with dogs and the Police took 1.5hrs to attend the scene.

Runham Road – flooding and mud on the highway

Because of the dry weather there have not been any flooding incidents.

The agreement with NCC the landowners is to clear their ditch to make sure the water can get away, since this work has not been carried out it was agreed a letter would be sent to both landowners reminding them of their responsibility.


BT upgrading by end of 2013 and Stokesby is included in the upgrading.

Vandalism at the Church

Church vandalised – stain glass windows broken. The damage occurred on the day of a christening between 2pm-6pm. A photo was taken by a resident of youngsters in the area at that time, however the Police cannot use a photo as a form of identity.

Forsenics have found one finger print, but the person is not on their records, it will be on there for the future so something might come out of it later on.

The Chairman reported donations have come in from people who had just seen the report in the EDP Runham had a fund raising event and they sent a third of the fund raised to help towards the replacement stained glass windows, which will cost around £3k.


Mazars have completed the Audit and they have made no comments and Notices are being displayed advising parishioners where they can view the Audited accocunts. Great Yarmouth Borough Councillors Grant

David Thompson Grant will be £500. Quotations are to be obtained for a defribrullator and it will be an Agenda item for the next meeting.

Common Land CPO

NPLaw is still going thro the process of transferring the land from GYBC to the PC

The Old Candlemaker fencing off and gating the Common Land behind them

NCC Definitive Map Officer has advised none of the land comprising CL251, (behind the Candlemaker) has been deregistered and that any of that land is not subject to exceptions subject to public access on foot under the CROW Act 2000.  

The restriction works such as fencing/gates would require permission under section 38 of the Commons Act 2006 from the Secretary of State through the Planning Inspectorate.  Any person may apply to the county court for the removal of works restricted by section 38 for which permission was not granted using the powers provided in section 41 of the Commons Act 2006.

It was agreed in the first instance property owners of the land would be emailed requesting they remove the gates and as and when the fencing needs repairing it will be removed.

Community Emergency Plan/Resilience Plan

The meeting was advised the plan and relevant documentation has been completed. Great Yarmouth Borough Council has rubber stamped the document and a copy is on the Parish Council website.


November 2013



Bure Reach – the ditch has been dug out on a slope so that the water can get away.


PC Cook reported there has been one incident since the last PC meeting - it was criminal damage.

Parish Emergency Plan

Parish Councillors have delivered to their areas ‘be prepared in an emergency booklets.’ The sand bags have been ordered, once delivered they will be distributed to the Community Co-ordinators. If unsure who your Community Contact is – Parish Council emergency plan is on their website.

Sewerage scheme

Awaiting planning permission from Norfolk County Council


Planning applications considered – decisions to be made by Great Yarmouth Borough Council and the Broads Authority

06/13/0536/F renewal of PP 06/08/0559/F for standing of static caravan in yard for accommodation of casual farm workers -Winsford Hall Charles Wharton – PCllr Wharton declared a pecuniary interest and left the hall during the discussions and decision. – no objections.

BA/2013/0325/FUL proposed new 2 bed annex single storey/open sided car part/garden shed and hard landscaping/2No conservation roof lights to existing attic – Martin Staithe for Mr Canham – the Parish Council has no objections to the PA, however they would like two conditions imposed:

1. That the V Green grass is reinstated once the development has been completed.

2. That rear access onto the V Green is allowed until the development has been complete

BA/2013/0344/LBC to rebuild damaged wall of lean-to (former cart shed) Farmhouse Manor Farm Mill Road, Stokesby with Herringby for Mr P Crane – no objections.

Repair to river slipway

An email was sent to the Hemsby Inshore Lifeboat Coxwain but there has not been a reply.

It was agreed the Broads Authority, Caister Lifeboat and the Fire Brigade be contacted to see if they would help towards the material costs of around £500-£600.


Parish Council Minutes 2013