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5th Annual Produce & Craft Show

Below is the Schedule and Conditions of Entry for the

Produce and Craft Show


 2nd September 2017

Rules and Conditions of Entry

1.       Entries will be received at the Village Hall between

          1pm and 5pm (non perishable only) on Saturday

          1st September and between 8am and 10am on

           Sunday 2nd September.

2        Paintings MUST be ready to hang and be there on

          Saturday 1st between 1pm -5pm


3.       Judging will take place promptly between 10.15am

          and noon on Sunday 2nd September.

4.        All exhibits must have been grown/made by the


5.        Exhibitors must provide their own plates, vases etc,

           for display. No responsibility can be accepted for

           loss or damage to them. Please ensure they are

           collected at the end of the show.

6.        Class number must be affixed to the plate or vase

           NOT to any removable cover.

7.        NO exhibit to be removed before 4pm on Sunday 2nd September.

8.       The decision of the Judges is final.

9.       Entry fee is 50p for each item submitted, payable when setting up.

    The Very Best Apple Dessert  Cake


225g  self raising flour              1 level tsp baking powder

225g caster sugar                     2 large eggs

½  tsp almond extract              150g butter  melted

250g cooking apples, peeled and cored

25g  flaked almonds

Equipment – 20cm loose-bottomed cake tin

1.   Preheat the oven to 160C/ fan 140C / Gas 3. Lightly  grease your tin.

2.   Measure the flour, baking powder, sugar, eggs, almond extract and melted  butter into a bowl. Mix well until blended then beat for a minute.

3.  Spread half the mixture in the prepared tin. Thickly slice the apples and lay on top of the  mixture in the tin, piling mostly towards the centre. Using 2 dessert spoons, roughly spoon the remaining mixture over the apples.

(This is an awkward thing to do, but just  make  sure that the mixture covers the centre well as  it will spread out in the oven.)

4.  Sprinkle with the flaked almonds.

5.  Bake in the preheated oven for 1¼ -1½ hours until  golden and coming away from the sides of the tin.



Flower Section

1. Vase of 3 different flowers (1 stem of each except Dahlias, Roses or Marigolds)

2. 3 Dahlias, pom pom   ( 2 inches - 4.5 inches)

3. 3 Dahlias one sort either decorative or cactus   (over 4.5 inches)

4. 3 Marigolds

5. 1 Specimen Rose

6. 1 Pot plant  cactus/succulent

7. 1 Pot plant foliage

Fruit & Vegetable Section

8.  1 Onion  (heaviest)

9.  3 Onions

10. Collection of 3 types of herbs

11. 3 Leeks trimmed

12. 3 Carrots untrimmed

13. 3 Parsnips untrimmed

14. 3 Potatoes

15. 6 Runner Beans

16. 1 Runner Bean (longest)

17. 5 Standard Tomatoes  (with Stalks)

18. 6 Cherry Type Tomatoes  (with Stalks)

19. 1 Cucumber

20. 3 Courgettes

21. Pair of Marrows

22. 1 Marrow (heaviest)

23. 2 Sweetcorn

24. 3 Cooking Apples

25. 3 Eating Apples

26. 1 Plate of Soft Fruit  (with Stalks)

27. 6 Hens Eggs

Children’s Section (up to 16 years)

28. 6 Cupcakes of your choice

29. My favourite painting

30. Amusing object made from Fruit and Vegetables

31. Miniature garden in a clean plastic seed tray

Cookery Section ( non-professionals only)

32. Apple Dessert Cake (as per Recipe Below)

33. Chocolate Sponge Cake   (any decoration)

34. Loaf of bread    (White, any style)

35. 3 Squares of Bread Pudding

36. 3 Sausage Rolls ( flaky pastry)

37. 5 Shortbread fingers or triangles

38. Fruit Crumble  (Please identify fruit used)

39. Bottle of  Homemade Wine (red, white or rose)

Preserves Section  (covered with easily removable top)

40. Jar of Jam.

41. Jar of Jelly.

42. Jar of Chutney.

43. Jar of Marmalade.

Men Only Section

44. 4 Fruit scones

Craft Section

45. Painting:  Still life (any media)

46. Painting:  Portrait (any media)

47. Painting:  Birds (any media)

48. Painting:  Land or Seascape  (any media)

49. Any handmade item not listed below

50. Handmade item made from driftwood

51. Knitted or crocheted item

52. 1 item of handmade jewellery

Photography Section


 (No age limit) Colour or B/W prints.

 Min size 6x4 inches max  size 10x8 inches  

 Un-mounted & un-framed

53. What the Broads mean to me.

54. What I love.

55. Shapes in the Environment.

56. Anything goes.

An entry form can be found on the inside back page of the printed schedule or there is a printable copy by clicking on  

Entry Form

Show Schedule